Promotion in Social Media

Promotion in Social Media

A huge audience with understandable interests, goals and indicators, provides the brand with the opportunity to convey their ideas and ensure sales with minimal funds.

Today, the need for the presence of business on social networks has become apparent.

Advantages of Social Media Advertising

  • Millionth audience of major social networks. Today Facebook has about 53 million active users in Russia, VKontakte has 28 million. Instagram is growing rapidly (10 million).
  • Social networks are also suitable for small businesses. The ability to work with different budgets and fine-tuning targeting, allows you to promote your product to a very narrow audience (hit the nail on the head).
  • A lot of convenient and intuitive tools for work. Extensive advertising opportunities. A variety of formats of presence.
  • Work is simultaneously being done to increase brand awareness, build a loyal audience, and not just achieve commercial goals.

What do We Offer

  • Development of a brand promotion strategy in social networks
  • Community building.
  • Community administration.
  • Preparation and placement of materials.
  • Community promotion.
  • Targeted advertising on social networks.

What do You Get

  • Sales and orders. The most important indicator for business.
  • Traffic to the site. Yes, social networks are one of the sources of traffic. With proper configuration – very hot traffic.
  • Loyal audience. You work in direct contact with living people, convincing them to buy a product.
  • The image of your company. A positive image is formed for a long time and painstakingly, and it is definitely worth working on it.