Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Contextual advertising is good because it gives you the opportunity to get very targeted, interested in buying, commercial traffic to the site.

If contextual advertising gives you a constant flow of customers, and it is very important for you that it does not dry out, but you are a busy person and you can’t monitor your advertising campaigns on a daily basis, we can help you manage contextual advertising.

What is contextual advertising?

What does the process of conducting an advertising campaign in Yandex or Google include? The campaign needs constant monitoring in the field of positions on which ads are displayed. It is also very important to monitor its progress: namely, statistics. Statistics reports can tell you whether the bids have been selected correctly, the texts of announcements have been compiled, whether our campaign results in the traffic we need, and in how much, that is, about the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.
How can contextual advertising help?

The development of finished demand occurs when a person already knows that he wants to buy something or when he is looking for something specific. In this case, the key queries should match the question as accurately as possible.
For large and medium-sized businesses, sooner or later the question arises of how to get additional traffic, which can also be converted into buyers. These people are a little further from the decision to purchase – they are interested in some topic, look, compare, choose.
For those who do not have enough traffic at all, or for resources with specific monetization, you can advertise on Yandex.Direct with a strategy for using very wide queries.
Something similar to the previous one for the tasks that it solves, the strategy of using rare and non-standard queries. You can “catch” those who ask them, very accurately answering the question asked by the texts.
For large brands, contextual advertising can also perform related functions when conducting media or offline campaigns, such as stimulating or even generating demand.

What do You Get

  • Daily manual or automatic with manual adjustment (depending on the chosen strategy) bid management.
  • A weekly report on the main indicators of the progress of your campaign in dynamics with comments and graphs, including information on the expenditure of funds in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the reporting period and bid management strategies.

Rid yourself of the headache associated with spending money and managing various campaigns. Focus on business management.