Media Planing

Media Planing

Media planning is one of the most important stages advertising campaign preparation.

The conversions quantity and quality closely related from advertising traffic you get from your website. And conversion itself reaches on customer’s number.

What are we doing

Media planning consists of several parts. A successful campaign becomes possible only if you approach the task comprehensively.

  • We confirm the goals of the advertising campaign.
  • We analyze the traffic coming to the site.
  • Choose the right audience, placements, etc.
  • We estimate the budget of an advertising campaign.
  • We compose the texts of the ads and adjust the placement parameters.

What do you get as a result

xls file containing a campaign ready for uploading to the interface with configured parameters or (at the request of the customer and when granting access) a ready campaign in the customer’s account, as well as a detailed description of recommendations and placement settings selected for this advertising campaign.