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Search Engine Optimization is a set of measures aimed at improving the position of the site in search engines. Website promotion - ensuring the site is in first place in the search results, for example, in TOP-10 - the first ten positions for a specific search query.

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Before engaging in search engine optimization, our employees make an analytical work, without which a professional approach to promotion is impossible.

We create the semantic core of the site.
We fill the site with the right content.
We establish the correct Internal Linking of pages.
And a little magic ...
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Initial List of Search Engine Optimization Jobs

Where you should start for successful SEO

Strategy planning
Analysis of the company
Search Query List
Content Estimation
Additional Traffic Forecast
SEO analysis
Site Content Analysis
Usability audit
Technical audit
Formation of requirements for texts
Site content
Writing texts for the site
Graphic Design
Placement of materials
Meta Tags and Headers

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