Analytics For e-commerce

Analytics For e-commerce

Analytics For e-commerce

If you have an online store, that is, your business is working for an audience that has the maximum demand and is ready for purchase, you probably know more than other businesses how important conversion rates are for your site.

Regardless of whether you have an offline storefront, the main revenue of the online store is made by online shoppers.

In simple terms, the following indicators are most important for an online store:

  • What percentage of these visitors become customers
  • Average customer check, what are the characteristics of the visitor who has become a customer
  • How much does an average site visitor cost
  • How to increase the incoming traffic of visitors with exactly these characteristics

What do We Do

If you set up a counter code for an online store, there are a number of features both in the content part of the setting (selection of target actions) and in the technical one. A separate story with those online stores that are located on Yandex.Market. For such stores, Yandex.Metrica not only allows you to track conversions common for sites – orders, but in the case of integration with Yandex.Market, receive detailed information for each of them. To do this, you need to configure the Metric counter accordingly.

Install and adjust Yandex.Metrica or Google Analytics (statistics tracking code) on the site (with subdomains and blogs), taking into account the features and capabilities of the site.
Defining and setting Yandex.Metrica or Google Analytics goals (landing pages, target actions) for a site in accordance with its KPI
Configuring inbound filters for Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics counters
Set up profiles for segmentation and analysis of traffic and regular reporting of Google Analytics
Setting labels for detailed tracking of statistics on advertising sources.
Configure online store settings

What do You Get

  • Code (codes if we install both) for installation on all pages of the site
  • Code installed on all pages of the site (when providing access)
  • A list of targeted actions (in the appendix to the report) for your site with goals set for them in the interface
  • Recommendations for using data from reports
  • Detailed description of the settings made and the created filters, profiles in the form of a report