Site Audit

Site Audit

Site Audit

An effective site should be equally attractive to both search engines and users.

We recommend a comprehensive audit of the site, which includes search, technical, as well as marketing analysis. An effective site should be equally attractive to both search robots and users.

Search Audit

The complexity of the algorithms of the search engines is growing, more and more talented specialists are working to ensure that users are able to get access to useful information relevant to their requests as soon as possible. The requirements of users are growing: people want to quickly and the first time get accurate answers to their questions. As a result, the requirements for sites are growing – their usability, structure, quality of content, etc.

Technical audit

A timely technical audit provides an opportunity to diagnose, fix or prevent technical problems that affect the effectiveness of SEO optimization. Such problems most often include improper operation of various modules, errors in the software part, as well as insufficient page loading speed.

Usability Analysis

The site is in good position, advertising campaigns are proceeding successfully, and enough traffic is being delivered to the site, but for some reason visitors are not becoming buyers, they are not reaching the desired goal, the question arises - what exactly is stopping them?

Marketing Audit

If SEO-audit allows you to assess the level of convenience and attractiveness of a site as an Internet resource, then a marketing audit determines its current capabilities as an advertising and sales tool.

Technical Audit

Technical errors made during the assembly and configuration of the site can interfere with the full indexing of site pages by search robots or affect the determination of the relevant position for the site

Search Audit

Search or SEO audit is a multifaceted site diagnostics that makes it possible to identify errors and weaknesses and obtain information for developing a competent promotion strategy.